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Established 1986

Reactive Skin Dekon, 42 grams (Case of 50)

Part # RSD-F5402
Price: $4,125.00
Reactive Skin Dekon, 42 grams (Case of 50)
Reactive Skin Dekon, 42 grams (Case of 50)
RSDL (Reactive Skin Decontamination Lotion Kit) is a patented skin decontamination product.* It is intended to remove or neutralize chemical warfare agents (CWAs), T-2 toxin, and many pesticide-related chemicals from the skin.
Main Product Features The RSDL Neutralization Advantage
Reactive decontaminant Removes or neutralizes CWAs, T-2 toxin, and many pesticide-related chemicals from the skin, rendering them non-toxic; complete neutralization ensures no off-gassing of toxic CWAs1-9
Individual packets Easy-to-use, tear-open packets tested for seal integrity
Liquid texture Feel where the decontaminating solution has been applied, even with eyes closed
Tested technology The product has been rigorously tested by the U.S. DoD and Canadian DND

General: For external use only. Contact with eyes and mucous membranes should be avoided. In emergency conditions, the RSDL decontaminating solution does not require immediate removal from skin, but should be rinsed as soon as it is safe to do so. An ingredient of the RSDL decontaminating solution may be absorbed. Studies with the RSDL decontaminating solution left on the skin for 24 hours showed minimal adverse effects, however some patients have been known to experience minor skin irritation.

Absorption: Avoid extended contact with the skin. In emergency conditions, the decontaminating solution does not require immediate removal from the skin and can be left on under protective clothing, but should be rinsed as soon as it is safe to do so. One of the ingredients (DAM) is absorbed through the skin. Intravenous injections of DAM have been shown to cause serious systemic toxicity up to and including a transient comatose state (unconsciousness). There have been no instances of death with intravenous injections of DAM, although it did cause serious systemic toxicity. Topical adverse effects are not expected to be nearly as severe as with intravenous administration. Pending further studies, do not use the product for whole body decontamination or use excessive quantities.

Reactivity: The RSDL vehicle (MPEG), when combined with some commonly used decontamination materials (i.e., solid powdered HTH [calcium hypochlorite] or solid powdered super tropical bleach), causes spontaneous combustion. Should the product be used on the same decontamination line as either of these products, care must be taken to keep them apart. Do not discard the packaging and sponge into containers that contain or have contained HTH or super tropical bleach.

Pregnancy: Use of the RSDL decontamination kit during pregnancy is recommended only when absolutely necessary. No human reproductive studies have been performed. Animal studies have demonstrated that one of the ingredients, 2,3-butanedione monoxime (DAM), can cross the placental barrier, however the clinical significance of this is unknown.

Usage: The full strength solution is applied on body surfaces after exposure to chemical warfare agents. (The product should not be used before exposure since its effectiveness following prophylactic use has not been evaluated.) Generally, one 21 mL packet is sufficient to decontaminate hands, neck, and face. The packaging and sponge should be discarded after single use.

How Supplied: The FDA has cleared the use of the RSDL packet in 21 and 42 mL packets. Each mL of solution contains 1.25 M or 173 mg of Dekon 139 and 35-43 mg.